• The Crescendos (2) aka The Creschendos aka The Casual Crescendos

    The Crescendos (2)
    (Bekerley, Calif.) 
    aka The Creschendos  aka The Casual Crescendos

    Personnel :

    Wanda Burt (Lead)

    Cynthia Badie (Tenor)

    Ernie (Tenor)

    George Banks (Baritone)

    Odell Alford (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Crescendos (2) aka Creschendos
    1957 - My Heart's Desire / Take My Heart (Music City 831/Gone 5100)
    1960 - I Don't Mind / Teenage Prayer (Music City 839)

    The Casual Crescendos
    1963 - Wish That You Were Here / Uncle Ben's Concentrated Blueberry Jam (MRC 12001)

    Wanda Burt (bb The Crescendos)
    1961 - Scheming / Your True Love Is Standing By (Music City 840)


    Biography :

    The crescendos came together when the singers we in junior high school. They signed with Music City in 1960. Initial succès on Music City led to George Goldner's leasing the group's first record to Gone label. Wanda Burt's severe emotional problems forced her into hospital care.

    Anna Lois Jones took her place with the Crescendos, and eventually the group changed it's name to the Casual Crescendos and recorded for MRC label. Cynthia Badie left the group to attend college. In the late 1980s she became the manager of the New Edition.

    Songs :

    The Crescendos (2)

    My Heart's Desire              Take My Heart / I Don't Mind        Teenage Prayer


    The Casual Crescendos         Wanda Burt (bb The Crescendos)

    Wish That You Were Here     Scheming / Your True Love Is Standing By


    CD :







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