• The Corvets (1)

    The Corvets (1) (Bronx, New-York)


    Personnel :

    Joe Lento  (Lead)

    Vince "Zeke" Zeccola  (First Tenor)

    George De Alfonso (Second Tenor)

    Richie Howell (Baritone)

    Vance "Bo Bo" Halup (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Corvets (1)
    1958 - Lenora / My Darling (Way out 101)
    1960 - Only Last Night (In A Garden) / Shark In The Park (20th Fox 223)
    1960 - So Long / Alligator In The Elevator (Laurel 1012)

    Joey Dell & The Corvets (1)
    1961 - Let's Find Out Tonight / Only Last Night (On The Garden) (Roulette 4422)


    Biography :

    This group was organized in the mid-1950s in the bronx, New York. Prior to cutting their first record for Way Out, they called themselves Freddie & the Steadies. When they were scheduled to record, they changed their name to the Corvets.

    Hallup, Zeccola, Howell, Shuh

    The Way Out Label was one that Zeccola founded, producer for, and distributed. His reason for doing this was that no other company wanted the Corvets on their label. They next cut a demo and took it to Broadway' Brill Building, where they tried again to impress a recording company.


    Executives at Laurie apparently liked what they heard and had them record the Laurel Disc. Following the recording, Jules Hahn replaced Richie Howell. If you've ever wondered about similarities in the sound of the Bob Knight Four's "Good Goodbye" disc and the Corvets' disc "So Long", there's good reason.


    Their unscrupulous manager had lifted Hallup's voice track from the Corvets recording and put it on the Bob Knight Four Record.

    Needless to say, a new manager was found. Despite their persistence and a new label (20 th Century Fox), Success was not in the cards for the Corvets.


    Songs :

    The Corvets (1)

     Lenora                                My Darling

    Only Last Night                      So Long

    Alligator In The Elevator                 Shark In The Park

    Joey Dell & The Corvets (1)

    Only Last Night (On The Garden)


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