• The Companions (2) aka The Four Fellows (3)

    The Four Fellows (3)  (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka The Companions (2)


    Milton Bennett (Lead)

    Albert Williams Jr (Bass)

    Pringle Sims (Tenor)

    Larry Banks (Baritone)

    Discography :

    The Companions (2)
    1959 - Why, Oh Why Baby / I Didn't Know (Brook's 100/Federal 12397)
    1959 - Falling / Oh What A Feeling! (Dove 240)

    The Four Fellows (3)
    1962 - That's Why I Pray / The City (Pop-Line 0208)

    Biography :

    Bessie White (Banks) sung with a quartet called Three Guys and a Doll, who subsequently became the Four Fellows without her; while a member of the group, she met bass/baritone singer Larry Banks, who was the de facto leader of the group, and married him on stage at the Royal Theatre in Baltimore.  Larry Banks was a New York-born baritone/bass singer (and songwriter) who helped organize and lead the quartet. They survived well enough, even making some television appearances, and scored a hit with "Soldier Boy".

    Albert Williams, Milton Bennet, Pringle Sims & Larry Banks

    Larry and most of the original members had left and Larry & Bessie next turned up on the Brooks label in 1959, singing as the Companions. Larry's sister Harriette joined the couple in the group and close friend and soon to be writing partner Milton Bennett,  his cousin Al Williams and Pringle Sims who has just left The Strangers. Larry wrote both sides of the single 'Why Oh Why Baby' / 'I Didn't Know (You Got Married)'. It was then picked up by Federal for national release in 1960.

                                                                                                                     Bessie Banks
    The group have another record on the Dove Label. In 1960, Milton Bennett, Albert Williams Jr, Pringle Sims and Larry Banks perform on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour as the Companions. In 1962, the same four guys cut "That's Why I Pray" b/w "The City" on the Pop-Line Label under their new name or old name : The Four Fellows…
    Thanks to Marv Goldberg

    Videos :

    The Companions - Albert Williams, Milton Bennet, Pringle Sims & Larry Banks on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Companions (2)

    Why, Oh Why Baby                 I Didn't Know                    Falling

    Oh What A Feeling!

    The Four Fellows  (3)

    That's Why I Pray                         The City



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    Wednesday 14th January 2015 at 11:53
    je crois qu'il y a une erreur de date.les "three boys and a girls" ont eue une existence ephemere en 1954,durant la periode de transition entre les scheemers et les four fellows.c'est mentionné dans pplusieurs sources.doo wop regards
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