• The Caravelles (1)

    The Caravelles (1)  

    The Caravelles (1) (Detroit)

    Personnel :

    Harry Gates (lead)

    Norman Hurst

    Tommy Martin

    Charles Poole

    Discography :

    1961 - Angry Angel / Pink Lips (Star Maker 1925)

    Biography :

    Detroit vocal group with Harry Gates, Norman Hurst, Tommy Martin, and Charles Poole. Harry had been the lead singer of The Caravelles, who had sung “Pink Lips” and “Angry Angel” in late 1961, for Carmen Murphy’s Star Maker Records. She was the owner of House Of Beauty Records, who also owned Detroit’s original Soul Records (whose name was bought from her by Berry Gordy for his new label) . Gates was also lead singer for Detroit’s original Dramatics, who recorded “Toy Soldier” for Joe Hunter (then moonlighting from his Motown job (in late 1963), and he recorded as a solo act for Enterprise Records, and may have been a member of Enterprise’s Casual-Aires (although not lead singer). Harry Gates had a rich, very distinctive voice. He is also likely to have been the lead singer of Motown's Equadors - Miracle Records "Someone To Call My Own"/"You're My Desire".

    Songs :

    Angry Angel                                          Pink Lips


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    Saturday 9th November 2019 at 18:19

    Correction: "....in late 1961" (not 1962).

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