• The Bop-Chords

    The Bop-Chords  

    The Bop-Chords (Harlem, New York)


    Personnel :

    Ernest Harriston (Lead)

    William Dailey (First Tenor)

    Ken Hamilton (Second Tenor)

    Morris Smarr (Baritone)

    Leon Ivey (Bass)


    Discography :

    1956 - When I Woke Up This Morning / I Really Love Her So (Holiday 2603)
    1956 - Castle In The Sky / My Darling To You (Holiday 2601)
    1957 - So Why / Baby (Holiday 2608)


    Biography :

    Harlem's the Bop Chords formed in 1955 in the same building where the Ladders, Channels, and Willows got their start. Lead vocalist Ernest Harriston, William Dailey, Ken Hamilton, Leon Ivey, and Morris Smarr had all sung with other neighborhood groups, and Hamilton had recorded with the Five Wings earlier in the year on a tribute to Johnny Ace that was issued by King. The Bop Chords recorded for Holiday in 1956, and the mid-tempo "Castle in the Sky" was a local and regional hit. Their second single, "When I Woke Up This Morning," also did well on the East Coast, but internal clashes over song content and wardrobe soon caused lineup defections and changes.

    The Bop-Chords    The Bop-Chords

    Dailey and Smarr left and were replaced by Skip Boyd and Peggy Jones, their first female vocalist. They recorded "Why" in 1957, then disbanded. Harriston did background vocals for Shep & the Limelites and recorded "We Need Love" for Asnes in 1962 as Ernie Johnson. A new edition of the Bop Chords resurfaced in 1971, with lead vocalist Johnson, Hamilton, Boyd, and Ivey. They never recorded, but were a popular attraction at various New York locations and oldies shows in the '70s.

    Songs :

    When I Woke Up This Morning               I Really Love Her So      

    Castle In The Sky                          My Darling To You

    So Why                                          Baby

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    Robert Davis
    Friday 2nd November 2018 at 23:47

    There is a photo, apparently of the Bop-Chords, on the website: https://www.last.fm/music/The+Bop+Chords/+images/e5b7bf7ed22e4ed6adab4c92eb8e5e9c

    Hope that is helpful.

    Love your site, fantastic work that you do.

    Best wishes,

    Robert Davis

      • Saturday 3rd November 2018 at 07:47

        Not Them... It's the Penguins !

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