• The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)

     The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)
    Dean Barlow

    The Bachelors (4) (Bronx, New York)
    aka The Montereys (3)
    ref The Crickets


    Personnel :

    Dean Barlow (Lead)

    Bill Lindsay (Second Tenor)

    Billy Baines (Bass)

    Ed "Sonny" Jordan (Tenor)

    Waldo Champen (Tenor)


    Discography :

    The Bachelors (4)
    1956 - Dolores / I Want To Know About Love (Earl 101)

    Dean Barlow & The Bachelors (4)
    1956 - Baby / Tell Me Now (Earl 102)

    Dean Barlow & The Montereys (3)
    1957 - Dearest One / Through The Years (Onyx 513)
    1957 - Angel / Tell Me Why (Onyx 517)(Never issued)


    Biography :

    Dean Barlow, originally named Grover Barlow, was the one constant through several different versions of the Crickets. He also sang in several other groups and attempted a solo career with a series of singles on the Jay Dee label. Label proprietor Joe Davis was a strong supporter of Barlow, hiring recording engineers time and time again to point microphones in the direction of his hauntingly expressive voice. The third Crickets configuration (Dean Barlow, Bill Lindsay, Bobby Spencer and Freddy Barksdale) stayed together for about a year. Grover Barlow was introduced as "Dean Barlow".

     The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)     The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)
    The third Crickets group : Barlow, Spencer, Lindsay and Barksdale                                Waldo Champen                                

    He announced and sang his new solo recording ("I'll String Along With You"), which the group didn't even know existed. In spite of this, they did a few more shows together before breaking up definitely.In 1956, Bill Lindsay eventually re-joined Dean Barlow in a new group : The Bachelors, the other members were Billy Baines, Ed "Sonny" Jordan, and Waldo Champen . The new group released two records on the tiny Earl label (owned by Tommy "Dr. Jive" Smalls and Sammy Lowe). The first was "I Want To Know About Love" (led by Dean) c/w "Dolores". The second was "Baby" c/w "Tell Me Now" (both led by Dean). The Bachelors eventually changed their name to the Montereys, recording four songs for Jerry Winston's Onyx label in early 1957.

     The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)   The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)
                                                                                                                                        Dean Barlow & Bill Lindsay

    Their only Onyx release was "Dearest One" (a duet lead by Dean Barlow and Bill Lindsay), backed with "Through The Years" (fronted by Sonny Jordan) in August 1957 (Onyx 513). "Dearest One" became a regional hit in New York. There was supposed to be a second Montereys record: "Angel" (led by Bill Lindsay), backed with "Tell Me Why" (led by Dean). It was slated to be released as Onyx 517, but for some reason was never issued. These were Dean's last group records.

    Songs :

    The Bachelors (4)

                Dolores                            I Want To Know About Love

    Dean Barlow & The Bachelors (4)

      Baby                                                Tell Me Now

    Dean Barlow & The Montereys (3)

       Dearest One                                Through The Years

    Angel                                             Tell Me Why

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