• The Astra-Lites

    The Astra-Lites

    The Astra-Lites (Queens, New York)


    Personnel :

    Jerry Abramson

    Stu Abramson

    Art Gatti

    Gene Novel

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1961 - Space Hop / It Was A Bomb (Tribute 101)

    N/A - Let's Have A Doo Wop Christmas
    N/A - Happy Holidays

    Biography :

    Doo-wop band from the Little Neck section of Queens formed by Jerry Abramson, Stu Abramson, Art Gatti and Gene Novel. They recorded "Space Hop" and "It Was A Bomb" in Feb 1961 at The Brill Building in 1961. "Space Hop" features legendary guitarist Charlie Byrd on guitar and Art Gatti on vocals. The Record was released by Tribute records owned by Eddie Heller on West 53d Street, NYC. They Astra-Lites recorded two others songs :Let's Have A Doo Wop Christmas and Happy Holidays. The Group recorded under other names and backed up on numerous hit records. Group was featured on Dick clark's American bandstand.

    The Astra-Lites    The Astra-Lites 

     Charlie Byrd                                                    The Brill Building

    The Brill Building, in the early ‘60s, contained everything needed by a young talented singer or songwriter. There you could write a song or make the rounds of publishers until someone bought it. Then you could go to another floor and get a quick arrangement and lead sheet for $10; get some copies made at the duplication office; book an hour at a demo studio; hire some of the musicians and singers that hung around; and finally cut a demo of the song. Then you could take it around the building to the record companies, publishers, artists’ managers or even the artists themselves. If you made a deal, there were radio promoters available to sell the record- all this under one roof.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Let's Have A Doo Wop Christmas                       Space Hop                 

    It Was A Bomb


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