• The Arc-Angels

    The Arc-Angels
    James W. Kisling

    The Arc-Angels (Pasadena, CA.)


    Personnel :

    James W. Kisling (Lead)

    Robert G. Whiteside

    Tony Smith

    Bill Hutton (Piano)


    Discography :

    1961 - Goddess / Little Wheel (Lan-Cet 142)


    Biography :

    When Bill Aken (Zane Ashton) was a teenager in the San Joaquin Valley, most of his peers were listening to Patti Page, Johnny Ray, etc, etc. I was being influenced by an entirely different kind of music... 1950's Groups like The Crows, The Ravens, and The Dominoes.  Lots of his  schoolyard friends in the San Joaquin Valley couldn't understand him, saying, "You're white... how can you like that kind of music ???" . His family moved to East Los Angeles in 1952, Bill found others who were into R & B like him and they formed their own band, The Nomads (Los Nomadas) to do their own kind of music.  In 1958, even tho they was recording 'pop' music,  Rochelle and The Candles came along and re-kindled his desire to do real 'R & B.'

    The Arc-Angels    The Arc-Angels
    Bill Aken (Zane Ashton)                                                                                                                          

    In 1961 his own record label and production company division was in it's infancy and  a vocal group called 'The Arc-Angels' would be his first independent 'R & B' production.... The group was composed by James W. Kisling (Lead), Robert G. Whiteside , Tony Smith and Bill Hutton (Piano). The Arc Angels showed up with a song named "Goddess" written by Kisling. Kisling and Whiteside wrote "Little Wells" on a Saturday before their first recording session because they needed an original song for the B side. "Little Wheel" was done in two takes and "Goddess" was done in five.


    Songs :

    Goddess                                          Little Wheel


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