• The Van Dykes (2)  (Paterson N.J.)
    aka The Temptations (1)


    Personnel :

    Mike Cruz (Lead)

    Benny Ortiz (First Tenor)

    Tommy Rivera (Second Tenor)

    John"Junior"Garcia (Baritone)

    Ray"Bang Bang" Martinez (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Temptations (1)

    1958 - Standing Alone / Roach's Rock (King 5118)

    The Van Dykes (2)
    1958 - The Bells are ringing / Meaning of love (King 5158/DeLuxe 6193)

    1959 - Once upon a dream / Dame tu Corazon (Felsted 8565)
    1960 - Gift of love / Guardian Angel (Spring 1113/Donna 1333)



    Biography :

    The Van Dykes were originally called the Temptations under which name the New York group - Tommy Rivera, Benny Ortiz, Mike Cruz, Junior Garcia and Ray Martinez- were signed to king records of Cincinnati and made their debut with a Rock'n'Roll novelty "Roach's Rock" in 1958. Another group as the temptations who recorded for Savoy, staked a prior claim to the name obliging the King Group to change its name to the Van Dykes in time for their next release, "The Bells are ringing", an exquisite record that surprisingly failed to elicit the response it merited.


    Three Years later, demand for the record at New York's Time Square record shop, a legendary haven for collectors, created a resurgence of interest in "The Bells are ringing" which had a long since become unavailable. A young king employee named Seymour Steinbeigle who had been given the task of overseeing King's back catalogue, re-issued "The Bells are ringing" on King's Deluxe subsidiary to meet a demand on the East Coast where sales, helped by a little airplay pushed it to #99 on the hot 100 - a poor showing for a record of such undoubted quality. Seymour Stein later founded Sire Records.




    Songs :

    The Temptations (1)

    Standing Alone                      Roach's Rock


    The Van Dykes (2)

    Guardian Angel                     The Bells are ringing

    Meaning Of Love                    Gift Of Love







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