• Shirley & Lee (Part II - Songs & Video)

    Shirley & Lee (New Orleans, Louisiana)
     Aka The Heart-Throbs
    (By Hans-Joachim)



    Part II - Songs & Video





    Let The Good Times Roll (1974)


    Sweethearts                I'm Gone                              Baby

    Shirley Come Back To Me             Shirley's Back        Shirley's Back (unrel. alt. take)

    So In Love              So In Love (unrel. alt. take)           The Proposal
    Two Happy People             Lee Goofed               Why Did I

    Keep On / Confessin'              Comin' Over                 Takes Money

    Lee's Dream           You'd Be Thinking Of Me / Feel So Good          I'll Do It

    Let The Good Times Roll         Do You Mean To Hurt Me So            I Want To Dance  

    Marry Me      That's What I Wanna Do / When I Saw You          Rock All Nite

    Don't You Know I Love You         Rockin' With The Clock / The Flirt          I'll Thrill You    

    Love No One But You         Everybody's Rockin’        Don't Leave Me Here To Cry

    Come On And Have Your Fun      All I Want To Do Is Cry         When Day Is Done       

    True Love              I’ve Been Loved Before            Like You Used To Do

    Together We Stand (Divided We Fall)        Keep Loving Me / Let The Good Times Roll (Warwick)      The Joker

    Two Peas In A Pod / Your Love Makes The Difference               Well-A, Well-A / Our Kids

    Girl, You’re Married Now / Let’s Live It Up            My Last Letter / I’m Old Enough

    A Little Thing / Don’t Stop Now                    Hey Little Boy / The Golden Rule

    Dancing World     Somebody Put A Jukebox In The Study Hall      Never Let Me Go

    Who Are We Fooling?          Lovers' Mistake           They've Got To Understand

    I Love The Way You Love         It's Been So Long              You Moves Me

    The Real Thing                 The Reason Why                      Korea

    Every Fools Has His Day          I Didn’t Want You      Everything (When I Saw You) (1956)

    We Will Be Forever Happy          Before I Go     Everything (When I Saw You) (1957)

    After Last Night                   Bewildered              Everybody Needs Somebody

    I’ll Never Be Free            Shirley Come Back                   I Was Lucky

    The Engagement               You Wouldn’t                   Honky Tonk Music

    Surfer's Hangout                Surf Heaven                     So Glad

    All The Way Home






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