• The Four Graduates

The Four Graduates (Paterson, N.J.)


    Personnel :

    Bob Miranda (Lead)

    Tom Gullano (First tenor)

    Ralph DeVito (Baritone)


Dave Libert (Bass)



    1963 - A Lovely Way To Spend And Evening / Picture An Angel (Rust 5062)
    1964 - Candy Queen / A Boy In love (Rust 5084)
    1978 - May I Have The Dance / Caught In A Lie (Crystal ball 116)
    1978 - Your Initials / Every Year About This Time (Crystal ball 119)


    Biography :

    The group formed in 1961 in Patterson, New Jersey, and called themselves the Four Graduates. Bob Miranda (lead), Tom Giuliano (first tenor), Ralph DiVito ( baritone), and Dave Libert (bass) began singing together in the army at Fort Dix New Jersey. Developing a versatility that enabled them to sing barbershop as well as jazz and doo wop, they became proficient enough to work in local clubs and begin doing background work on recording sessions.

    The Four Graduates    The Four Graduates

    In late 1962 they met Bob Crewe, who had just produced the huge hit "Sherry" for the Four Seasons. He used the Four Grads on a variety of sessions, including some by the Seasons. They signed with Rust (distributed by Laurie) in 1963 and, produced by Lor Crane  , cut a rhythm version of THE INK SPOTS' 1944 ballad hit (#16) "A lovely way to spend an evening". At Rust the Tokens met the quartet and were impressed with their sound, especially the stylistic possibilities they heard in the group's recording of " Lovely Way." (The Tokens were fond of reworking oldies in a new tempo).

    The Four Graduates

    The group was producing THE CHIFFONS (as the Four Pennies) and RANDY AND THE RAINBOWS for Rust in 1963 but kept the Four Grads on mental "hold."  In the early summer of 1964 the Tokens formed BT Puppy Records.A little over a year later, after recording such obscurities as the Cinnamons, the Three Pennies, and the English Muffins, the Tokens signed the Four Graduates . At that time Miranda and company opted for a name change to the Happenings.
    Jay Warner "American singing groups: a history from 1940s to today"

    Songs :

    A Lovely Way To Spend And Evening                 Picture An Angel

    Candy Queen                             A Boy In Love

    May I Have The Dance                 Caught In A Lie

    Every Year About This Time


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  • The Vitamins (Los Angeles)
    aka The Titans

    Personnel :

    Charles Wright (First Tenor, Second Tenor & Baritone)

    Sam Barnett (First Tenor, Second Tenor & Baritone)

    Curtis McNair (Second Tenor & Baritone)

    Alvin Branom (Tenor & Baritone)

    Larry Greene (Baritone & Bass)

    Discography :

    1972 - It's So Hard To Laugh, So Easy To Cry / Rhythm N' Blues (Vita 101/148)

    Biography :

    An acappella demo of "It's So Hard To Laugh, So Easy To Cry" / "Rhythm N' Blues" from the Titans that was initially released in the 1970's.


    It was on a bootleg 45 (Vita 101) & it was mistakenly credited to The Vitamins.

    Songs :

    So Hard To Laugh So Easy To Cry

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  •  The Riffs aka The Creations (7)

    The Riffs- ( L to R) : Louie Liguori, Joe LoCicero, Joe Nisi , Richie Giovelli and Carmine DeSena.

    The Riffs (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka The Creations (7)

    Personnel :

    James Nisi (Lead singer) 

    Richard Giovelli (First Tenor)

    Louie Liguori (Second Tenor)

    Carmine DeSena (Baritone)

    Joe LoCicero (Bass)


    The Creations (7)
    1961 - Wake Up In The Morning / Strolling Through The Park (PineCrest 101)
    1961 - My Heart Belongs To Only You  (Gem 102)

    The Riffs
    1964 - Little Girl / Why Are The Nights So Cold (Sunny 22)
    1965 - Tell Tale Friends / Why Are The Nights So Cold (Old Town 1179)
    1978 - Storm / Where There's A Will (Crystal Ball 130)

    Biography :

    Born in Brooklyn, New York, Joe LoCicero  started singing at the age of twelve in church choirs. In 1958, Joe LoCicero originated and sang lead in a group entitled "The Creations ».Original members of The Creations 1959 Joe LoCicero, Richie Giovelli, Carmine DeSena , Louie Liguori and Vinny Tilotta (not in photo). They were so young, we needed a Cabaret License, so they only did Church Dances and Confraternities .

     The Riffs aka The Creations (7) 

    The Creations - ( L to R) : Louie Liguori, Joe LoCicero , Richie Giovelli and Carmine DeSena.

    They had three recordings at the time, which where, "Wake Up in the Morning", "Strolling Through The Park" on PineCrest and "My Heart Belongs to Only You" on the Gem Label in 1961. In 1963, The Creations changed their name to "The Riffs" under the management of writer and producer, Phil Spina, and new member Jimmy Nisi who replaced Vinny Tilotta.  Their recordings included, "Little Girl", "Why Are The Nights So Cold", "Where There Is A Will There Is Away", "Storm", and "Tell Tale Friends", recorded on New York Labels, Sunny, Old Town, Crystal Ball.  

     The Riffs aka The Creations (7)     The Riffs aka The Creations (7)

                                                                                             The Riffs (1972)

    By 1966 all the members were married and planning families and the group broke up. Later on, they released an LP, "The Riffs Now & Then", which featured all original Riff recordings. Joe Locicero who sings lead on most Riffs songs, sang lead for the Chimes for a couple of years when Lenny Coco was real sick.

    Songs :
    The Creations (7)

    Wake Up In The Morning             Strolling Through The Park

    The Riffs

    Little Girl                  Why Are The Nights So Cold                 Tell Tale Friends

    Storm                               Where There's A Will

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  • The Daychords aka The D’Accords

    The Daychords (Philadelphia, Pa.)
    aka The D’Accords


    Personnel :

    Branson Bagwell

    Luther Cook

    John Sims

    Earl Washington

    Dewey Wilson


    Discography :

    The D’Accords
    Single :
    1961 - Who's Been Lovin' You / Runnin' Around (Don-El 110)
    Unreleased :
    1961 - Hittin’ on Nothin’ (Don-El)
    1961 - Tell Me (Don-El)

    Roxy & The Daychords
    1962 - I’m So in Love / Mary Lou (Don-El 116)

    The Daychords
    1964 - One More Time / Too Bad (Don-El 120)


    Biography :

    The Daychords was from the area around 10th Street & Columbia Avenue (now Cecil B. Moore Avenue) in Philadelphia .The group consisted of Branson Bagwell, Luther Cook, John Sims, Earl Washington and Dewey Wilson. The Daychords first recorded for Don-El as the D’Accords: "Who's Been Lovin' You" b/w "Runnin' Around" and then backed Roxy on “I’m So In Love” and ”Mary Lou” as The Daychords. Don-El was owned by real estate man C. Percy White [aka Don White]. Wally Osborne wrote and produced their last single in 1964 “One More Time” b/w “Too Bad” [Don-El #120).


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)  

    The D’Accords

    Runnin' Around                           Who's Been Loving You

    Roxy & The Daychords

    I’m So in Love                                           Mary Lou      

    The Daychords

    One More Time / Too Bad



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  • The Mello-Harps  aka The Levee Songsters aka The Teen-Tones (1) aka The Melloharps

    The Mello-Harps  (Brooklyn, New-York)

    aka The Levee Songsters
    aka The Teen-Tones (1)
    aka The Melloharps
    aka The Teentones

    Ref The Leopards (1)

    Personnel :

    Arnold "Johnny" Malone (Lead)

    Vernon Staley (First Tenor)

    Joe Gowder (Second Tenor)

    Daniel Elder (Baritone)

    Ossie Davis (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Mello-Harps
    1955 - Love Is A Vow / Valerie (Do-Re-Mi 203)
    1956 - Searchin' / Love Is A Vow (Rego 1003)
    1958 - Gumma Gumma  / No Good (Casino 104)

    The Melloharps
    1955 - I Love Only You / Ain't Got The Money (Tin Pan Alley 145/146)
    1956 - What Good Are My Dreams / Gone (Tin Pan Alley 157/158)

    Teacho Wiltshire & The Melloharps
    1956 - My Bleeding Heart / I Couldn't Believe (Tin Pan Alley 159/160)

    The Teen-Tones (1)
    1956 - Love Is A Vow / Walkie Talkie Baby (Rego 1004)

    Lee and Larry & The Teentones
    1956 - Have A Happy (The Dedications Song)/ Oh Yes (Rego 1005)

    The Levee Songsters
    1959 - Our Love Is A Vow / Walkie Talkie Baby (Karen 1004)

    The Leopards (1)
    1963 - Valerie / Mah Mah Chicken Pot Pie (Leopards 5006)

    Biography :

    Brooklyn-based R&B vocal group the Mello-Harps formed in 1955. According to Marv Goldberg's profile in the April 1990 issue of Record Collectors' Monthly, co-founders Arnold "Johnny" Malone (first tenor), second tenor Joe Gowder, baritone Daniel "Bunny" Elder, and bass Ossie Davis were longtime friends from the borough's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

    The Mello-Harps  aka The Levee Songsters aka The Teen-Tones (1) aka The Melloharps     The Mello-Harps  aka The Levee Songsters aka The Teen-Tones (1) aka The Melloharps

    After adding a fifth member, high tenor Vernon Staley, the Mello-Harps began touring the local nightclub circuit, and while performing at Brooklyn's Club Baby Grand they negotiated a management deal with musician Larry Lucy, who quickly landed them a record deal with the Do-Re-Mi label.  The Mello-Harps beautiful debut, "Love Is a Vow," followed in the autumn of 1955. One of the scarcest singles of the doo wop era, it earned little attention upon its original release but later achieved cult classic status among R&B aficionados.

    The Mello-Harps  aka The Levee Songsters aka The Teen-Tones (1) aka The Melloharps     The Mello-Harps  aka The Levee Songsters aka The Teen-Tones (1) aka The Melloharps
    Teacho Wiltshire                                                                                                               

    By year's end Davis resigned from the lineup, and upon adding bass Bobby Hawkins (the brother of NBA Hall of Famer Connie Hawkins), the Mello-Harps signed to Tin Pan Alley Records to issue their sophomore effort, "I Love Only You." "What Good Are My Dreams" followed in early 1956, and when the group's commercial fortunes failed to improve, Elder exited in the wake of their fourth single, "My Bleeding Heart." Tenor William Brown signed on prior to cutting a re-recorded "Love Is a Vow" for the Rego label. 

    The Mello-Harps  aka The Levee Songsters aka The Teen-Tones (1) aka The Melloharps     The Mello-Harps  aka The Levee Songsters aka The Teen-Tones (1) aka The Melloharps
                                                                                                                  A configuration of the Mello-Harps (or The Leopards)

    Credited to the Teen-Tones, the song fared no better the second time around, and Staley was the next to turn in his resignation. Tenor David "Sonny" Forte signed on for 1957's "Gumma Gumma," a novelty tune that restored the Mello-Harps moniker. Despite saxophone contributions from the great King Curtis, the single went nowhere and after an aborted session for Juggy Murray's Sue label, the group split in 1959. In the early 60s, Joe Gowder formed another group, which re-recorded "Valerie" (with Joe himself doing lead). Along with the flip, "Mah Mah Chicken Pot Pie" (also led by Joe), it was released on the Leopard label in 1963, as the "Leopards." David Forte was also in this group.



    Songs :

    The Mello-Harps

    Love Is A Vow                                             Valerie

     Searchin'                       Gumma Gumma                             No Good

    The Melloharps

    I Love Only You                       Ain't Got The Money

    What Good Are My Dreams                            Gone            

    Teacho Wiltshire & The Melloharps

    My Bleeding Heart / I Couldn't Believe

    The Teen-Tones (1) / The Levee Songsters

    1959 - (Our) Love Is A Vow / Walkie Talkie Baby

    The Leopards (1)

                 Valerie                              Mah Mah Chicken Pot Pie

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