• The Pastels (1)

    The Pastels (1) (Chicago)




Personnel :

    Fred Buckley (Lead)

    Norman Palm  (First tenor)

    Robert Randolph (Second tenor)

    Charles McKnight (Baritone)

    Charles Williams (Bass)

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1955 -  Put Your Arms Around Me / Boom De De Boom (United 196)
    Unreleased :
    1955 - Bye Bye (Unreleased)
    1955 - Goodbye (Unreleased)
    1955 - Patty (demo tape)
    1955 - My Little Girl (demo tape)
    1955 - Goodbye (demo tape)

    Biography :

    in 1954, Fred Buckley, the group's lead organized the pastels from among High School Friends in his south side neighborhood, the other members were Vernon Thomas (first tenor), Trey Clark (second tenor), Charles McKnight (baritone), and Pettis Williams (bass). Thomas, Clark and Williams eventually dropped out of the group and Fred recruited Norman Palm (first tenor, whom he had met in the National Guard), Robert Randolph (second tenor), and Charles Williams (Pettis Williams' brother; bass). The group signed with United owned by Leonard Allen in October of 1955. The songs they did at the October 19 session were "Bye Bye" and "Goodbye," both of which were fairly good, but Leonard Allen for some reason chose not to release them.

    The Pastels (1)      The Pastels (1)     

                                                                           1956 - Robert Mills, Robert Randolph, Norman Palm & Charles McKnight

     Leonard Allen obviously had plans for the group, because on November 23 the Pastels were recording again, putting on wax an average ballad, "Put Your Arms around Me," with a bouncy El Dorados-type jump tune, "Boom De De Boom." The latter song was originally intended for the El Dorados to record (on Vee-Jay), but the group was out of town when the person who brought it arrived from New York, so he took it to United. "Boom De De Boom" got the original airplay on local station WHFC, but then listener requests pushed "Put Your Arms around Me" onto the playlist. After about a year, Buckley was replaced on Lead by Julius Collins. The Pastels continued on a few more years and they broke up in 1958.

    Doowop: The Chicago Scene Par Robert Pruter

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Boom De De Boom                Put Your Arms Around Me            Goodbye 

    Bye Bye                         Patty (audition)‬                My Little Girl (audition)

    Goodbye (audition)



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