• Darrell & The Oxfords  (New York)

    ref : The Tokens (2)
    ref : The Linc-Tones



    Personnel :

    Jay Siegel

    Hank Medress

    Warren Schwartz

    Fred Kalkstein

    Discography :

    1959 - Picture In My Wallet / Roses And Red (Roulette 4174)
    1960 - Can't You Tell ? / But Your Mother She Said No (Roulette 4230)

    Biography :

    In 1955, Sedaka formed The Linc-Tones singing group. A year later, Siegel joined The Linc-Tones and the group name was changed to The Tokens. Siegel and Sedaka and fellow Tokens Cynthia Zolitan and Hank Medress then recorded “While I Dream” and “I Love My Baby” for Melba Records. As The Tokens, they performed together on their first television show, The Ted Steele Dance Time.

    In 1957 Sedaka departed to pursue a highly successful solo career and Cynthia Zolitan left the group , leaving only Siegel and Medress.  Medress and Siegel formed a new foursome, Darrell and the Oxfords, with Warren Schwartz and Fred Kalkstein.


    They had an East Coast hit with the Roulette single "Picture in Your Wallet" (featuring Siegel's instantly identifiable falsetto lead), which was followed by the less successful "Your Mother Said No", after which the group disintegrated.

    The Tokens

    A new chapter in the history of the Tokens began in December 1959, when Hank Medress and Jay Siegel invited 12-year old Mitch Margo and his brother Phil to participate in the formation of a new group. They cut "Tonight I Fell in Love" ….

    Songs :

    Picture In My Wallet                          Roses And Red

    Can't You Tell ? / But Your Mother She Said No






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