• Jimmy Charles & The Revelletts

    Jimmy Charles & The Revelletts

    Jimmy Charles & The Revelletts ( Paterson, New Jersey)
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Personnel :

    Jimmy Charles

    Jackie Kline

    Evelyn Kline

    Dottie Hailstock

    Discography :

    Jimmy Charles & The Revelletts
    1960 - A Million To One / Hop Scotch Hop (Promo 1002)

    Jimmy Charles bb The Revelletts (Uncredited)
    1960 - The Age For Love / Follow The Swallow (Promo 1003)
    1961 - Just Whistle For Me / I Wonder How It Feels (Promo 1006)

    Jimmy Charles & The Revelletts


    Biography :

    Charles was born in Paterson, New Jersey, in 1942. Before he sang professionally, he had built up quite a local reputation wailing at churches and community functions. When Charles was 16, his uncle accompanied him to New York City to try his luck at the amateur talent shows held at the Apollo Theater. Surprisingly, Charles won the renowned contest for four consecutive weeks.

    Jimmy Charles & The Revelletts   Jimmy Charles & The Revelletts

    Charles’ uncle then hooked up Jimmy up with Phil Medley, a jack-of-all-trades who was an accomplished singer, songwriter, producer, and arranger. Impressed by the lad’s delivery, Medley cut a demo with Charles singing a song Medley had been trying to place entitled “A Million to One”. He got the ear of Bill Lashley, an executive at Promo Records, and played it for him. Promo liked the demo and signed the youngster to a recording contract.

    Jimmy Charles & The Revelletts   Jimmy Charles & The Revelletts

    They redid Medley’s song, with vocal backing by The Revellettes, who were a trio from Paterson New Jersey, and were friends of Jimmy’s and included sisters Jackie and Evelyn Kline, and Dottie Hailstock. When the song was recorded, they did 16 takes to get the one they wanted. It was a very hot day in Paterson, and the flip they nailed in just one try. The dreamy ballad ascended to #5 on Billboard’s Top 100 in September of 1960.

    Jimmy Charles & The Revelletts

    It was also released on the London label for both the UK and Australia, and it was pressed on Reo for Canada. The record received worldwide acclaim. His career ended as quickly as it started. “The Age of Love”, Charles’ next release, stalled at the 47th position, 42 slots lower than “A Million to One”.

    Songs :

    A Million To One                    Hop Scotch Hop

    The Age For Love                     Follow The Swallow

    Just Whistle For Me / I Wonder How It Feels





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