The Explorers (New-York)



    Dennis Lowell (Lead)

    Pete Morrow

    Larry Alpert

    Nick Rudd

    Tito Carballo

    Discography :

    Singles :
    The Explorers
    1959 - Vision Of Love / On A Clear Night (Corral 62147)
    1960 - In the wee small hours of the morning / Don't be a fool (Corral 62175/65575)

    Dennis & The Explorers
    1960 - Remember / Every Road (I Walk Along) (Corral 62295)

    Unreleased :
    1960 - This is A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening (Coral)
    1960 - Cupid's Love Machine (Coral)

    Demos :
    N/A - The Letter
    N/A - I'm Simply Asking You To Love Me
    N/A - China Girl
    N/A - Judy

    Biography :

    The Explorers were  a singing group formed by Pete Morrow, the son of the well known band leader and trombonist Buddy Morrow. Initially, they got together, rehearsed for many weeks, and did a demo which was shopped around until they got a deal with Coral records and producer, arranger Dick Jacobs.They did a lot of local "gigs," including the Brooklyn Paramount . The Explores cut three singles for Coral records. The Explorers were Dennis Lowell, Pete Morrow, Larry Alpert, Nick Rudd and Tito Carballo


    Songs :
     (Update By Hans-Joachim)

     Dennis & The Explorers

     Every Road                                    Remember

    The Explorers

    Don't be a fool     In the wee small hours of the morning     Cupid's Love Machine

    Vision Of Love                        On A Clear Night               I'm Simply Asking You

    Got A Letter                                   China Girl                            Judy

    This is A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening



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