The Challengers (2) aka The Executives (2) aka The Challengers III

    The Executives (2) (Cleveland, Ohio)
    aka The Challengers (2) aka The Challengers III


    Personnel :

    Anne Bogan (Lead)

    George Hendrix

    Dorothy Hutchinson

    James Hutchinson

    Discography :

    The Challengers (2)
    1962 - Honey, Honey, Honey / Stay With Me (Tri-Phi 1012)

    The Challengers III
    1962 - Honey, Honey, Honey / Stay With Me (Tri-Phi 1012)
    1963 - Every Day / I Hear An Echo (Tri-Phi 1020)

    The Executives (2)
    1963 - River Of Tears / Come On Now (Explosive 3821 / Mink 5004)
    1963 - Why / Come On Baby (Revenge 5003)

    Biography :

    Harvey Fuqua discovered Anne Bogan singing in a church on Quincy Avenue in Cleveland and championed the shy, petite soul singer's career. The original Challengers consisted of two neighborhood (79th & Central/Quincy area) friends: Dorothy and James Hutchinson and George Hendrix.  Harvey issued their first release in 1962 on Tri-Phi Records a label he ran with his wife,  Gwen Gordy-Fuqua.

    The Challengers (2) aka The Executives (2) aka The Challengers III(L to R) Marvin Gaye, Anna Gordy, Gwen Gordy Fuqua and Harvey Fuqua

    "Honey, Honey, Honey" did well where it got played. Bogan delivers a bloodcurdling performance on the underrated self-written ballad that's also known as "Honey Three Times." Tri-Phi just didn't have the clout or the resources to put it over the top.  The Challengers next Tri-Phi release was "I Hear an Echo," written by Bogan, Harvey Fuqua, and Pa Colman; it was similar to "Honey," complete with another thrilling vocal from Bogan, but was less successful. On this release they became the Challengers III featuring Ann Bogan. Cleveland native, George Hendricks, substituted for Hutchinson when James couldn't make a gig, but gigs weren't plentiful, so the work didn't amount to much. Hendricks would befriend Choker Campbell, Motown's road bandleader, and record for Campbell's company.

    The Challengers (2) aka The Executives (2) aka The Challengers III   The Challengers (2) aka The Executives (2) aka The Challengers III

    As the Challengers III, their career was over, but Fuqua started them anew as the Executives; they recorded two obscure singles in 1963, "River of Tears" and "Why." Both were initially released on Explosive Records then switched to Mink and Revenge Records, respectively. In May of 1963, Bogan recorded a duet on Harvey Records with Fuqua entitled "Will I Do" b/w "What Can You Do Now"; the A-side is a stark, simple ballad, and the flip is a classic '50s styled R&B duet. Neither the Executives nor the duet sold well and Harvey and Gwen joined the blooming Motown empire. Bogan became a Motowner in the merger, but nobody jumped to record her. She languished for years before replacing Gladys Horton in the Marvelettes, joining originals: Katherine Anderson and Wanda Young-Rogers.

    Songs :

    The Challengers (2) III

    Honey, Honey, Honey / Stay With Me

    Every Day                     I Hear An Echo

    The Executives (2)

    River Of Tears



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