• The Essex (1) (Camp LeJeune, North Carolina)

    Personnel :

    Anita Humes (Lead)



    Walter Vickers


    Rudolph Johnson

    Rodney Taylor



    Discography :

    1963 - Easier Said Than Done / Are You Going My Way (Roulette 4494) 

    1963 - A Walkin' Miracle / What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me (Roulette 4515) 

    1963 - She's Got Everything / Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (Roulette 4530)

    1964 - What Did I Do / Curfew Lover (Roulette 4542)
    1966 - The Eagle / Moonlight, Music And You (Bang 537)
    1967 - Are You Going My Way / Everybody's Got You (For Their Own) (Roulette 4750)
    1963 - Easier Said Than Done (Roulette LP Sr-2523)

    1963 - Whenever I Need My Baby (Roulette LP Sr-2523)

    1963 - Where Is He (Roulette LP Sr-2523)
    1963 - All In My Mind (Roulette LP Sr-2523)
    1963 - Every Night (Roulette LP Sr-2523)
    1963 - I Love Her (Roulette LP Sr-2523)
    1963 - Are You Going My Way  (Roulette LP Sr-2523)
    1963 - Been So Long  (Roulette LP Sr-2523)
    1963 - Come To My Party (Roulette LP Sr-2523)
    1963 - I Have To Cry (Roulette LP Sr-2523)

    1963 - Conga Laya (Roulette LP Sr-2523)

    1963 - We Belong Together (Roulette LP Sr-2523)
    1963 - A Walkin' Miracle (Roulette LP Sr-25235)

    1963 - What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me (Roulette LP Sr-25235)

    1963 - She's Got Everything (Roulette LP Sr-25235)
    1963 - Curfew Lover (Roulette LP Sr-25235)

    1963 - Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Roulette LP Sr-25235)
    1963 - Dance Without Music (Roulette LP Sr-25235)
    1963 - Crawl Before You Walk (Roulette LP Sr-25235)
    1963 - Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Roulette LP Sr-25235)
    1963 - More Than It Would Help (Roulette LP Sr-25235)
    1963 - I Want The Real True Thing (Roulette LP Sr-25235)
    1963 - I'd Do Anything (Roulette LP Sr-25235)
    1963 - Quit While You're Ahead (Roulette LP Sr-25235)
    N/A - Everybody's Got You (For Their Own) (unreleased)
    N/A - Be My Baby (unreleased)
    N/A - Be Sure (unreleased)
    N/A - When The Music Stops (unreleased)
    N/A - Real True Lover (unreleased)

    Biography :

    Formed in 1961, The Essex eventually included Anita Humes, Walter Vickers (guitar), Rodney Taylor (drums), Billie Hill and Rudolph Johnson. Vickers and Taylor started the group while they were with the United States Marine Corps, stationed in Japan.

    Easier Said Than Done, which climbed to the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, was performed by four Marines, not including co-writer William Linton, stationed at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina.

    Linton said that the beat was inspired by the sound of multiple teletype machines, noisy mechanical beasts pounding out copy in the bases communications room.In 1962, a demo scored them a recording contract with Roulette Records. Recruiting lead singer Anita Humes, they recorded the song (Roulette 4494) in less than five minutes.

    Three months after Easier Said Than Done charted in June, The Essex had another top 20 hit with the follow-up song, A Walkin Miracle (Roulette 4515) in September 1963.

    Shes Got Everything was another charting song.
    Their Marine duties made it hard for the group to take advantage of their hits; for example, before long, Johnson was shipped to Okinawa.

    Humes released several solo singles on the Roulette label, but had no chart success

    Songs :

    Dance Without Music                 Be my baby


    where is he                    Creation of love

    CD :




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