• Dion & The Fordham Baldies

    1956 - The Fordham Baldies, Vinny Duke, Joe Zinzi, Jackie Serra & Dion Dimucci

    Dion & The Fordham Baldies

    Personnel :

    Dion DiMucci

    Discography :

    1957 - Rooftop Serenade (Unreleased)

    Biography :

    The Fordham Baldies were a very real gang from the mid -1950s that centered around the Little Italy section of the Bronx (East 187th Street , Belmont Avenue, Arthur Avenue area). They boasted Dion DiMucci of Dion and the Belmonts as a member, and contrary to their representation in the movie (The Wanderers), they were not actually bald, but took their name from the bald eagle. According to Dion, The Fordham Baldies in a way were his first singing group, They would back up him singing and guitar playing in his Bronx Neighborhood, Schoolyard Parties, their Clubroom Dances.

    Dion & The Fordham Baldies

    Dion recorded "Rooftop Serenade" on a Pentron tape recorder that his landlady owned. He got so much use outta it, he think his dad bought it for him. The way the guitar is so upfront, he can't believe a real studio woulda let him get away with that. The guys behind him were just a couple of guys from the poolroom. Then he took the tape to Allegro Studio in the basement of 1650 Broadway, and they made an acetate. You can only play that thing just so many times before it's unplayable, and that's why it sounds like it does. The tape must have been recorded over years back. Anyway, he  used that acetate to get his first record deal.

    Songs :

    Rooftop Serenade

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