• The Three G's (East Canton, Ohio)
    aka Dickie & The Gee's  aka The Toppers (6) akaThe Del Royals (1)
    (Update By Hans-Joachim)


    Personnel :

    Ted Glasser

    Jerry Glasser

    Bob Glasser


    Discography :

    Dickie & The Gee's
    1958 - Baby Bye Bye / Foolish Tears (Argo 5288)

    The Three G's
    1958 - Let's Go Steady For The Summer / Wild Man (Columbia 41175)
    1958 - I'll Wait Forever / Sweet Thing (Columbia 41256)
    1958 - These Are The Little Things / Wonder (Columbia 41292)
    1959 - When It's Summer Again / Oh, Suzett  (Columbia 41383)
    1959 - Barbara / Don't Cry Kathy (Columbia 41513)
    1960 - Take That Step / Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Moe (Columbia 41584)
    1960 - Let's Go Steady For The Summer / Love Call (Columbia 41678)
    1960 - She's Mine / Take My Love (Columbia 41868)
    1960 - Foolish Tears / Blueberry Hill (Columbia 41955)

    The Del Royals (1)
    1960 - Barbara / I'd Wait Forever (Warwick 111/112)

    The Toppers (6)
    1962 - Tell Me Why / All Around (Stacy 927)


    Biography :

    The Glasser Family of East Canton, Ohio is probably one of the Largest (5 boys and 6 girls) and most musical in the Midwest. One of the Five Sons, Pat, sings under the name of Pat Shannon, and has come into prominence recording for Decca Records. Another son, Dick Glasser "Dick Lory" sang with his brothers in the group - The Glasser Brothers - before they split up to go their separate ways as solo artists, except for three of the brothers, the three youngest sons, Jerry (16), Ted (19) and Bob (21) decided to form a singing trio,.

    Pat Glasser "Pat Shannon"                                                                  Dick Glasser "Dick Lory"

      In 1957-8  Dick Glasser had a couple of releases on Argo as well as a third one as Dickie & The Gee's (Argo 5288). "The Gee's" in fact were his brothers Ted, Jerry and Bob .     The Gee's next went to Colombia Records to record just like "The Three G´s" . They cut nine singles. "Let’s Go Steady For The Summer" was their only charted song, making it to #55 with a 3 week stay on the Hot 100 in August of ’58.


    In 1960 The Del Royals with Dick Glasser cut "Barbara" b/w "I'd Wait Forever". "I'd Wait Forever" is written by Dick Glasser, the other song "Barbara " recorded originally by the Three G's (Dick Brothers). In 1962 the Toppers with Dick Glasser again recorded "Tell Me Why" b/w "All Around" on Stacy Record, a Small independent Cleveland, Ohio label. Both songs are written by Dick Glasser. It is likely that the two groups, Del Royals and Toppers are The Three G's.


    Songs :

    Dickie & The Gee's

    Baby Bye Bye /                              Foolish Tears

     The Three G's

    Wonder                                 Barbara                             She's Mine

    Let's Go Steady For The Summer     When It's Summer Again    Take That Step

    Don't Cry Kathy                 I'll Wait Forever                   Wild Man

     The Del Royals (1)

    Barbara                                            I'd Wait Forever

    The Toppers (6)

    Tell Me Why                                          All Around


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