• The  De-Lites (Reading, Pa)
    aka The Delrays aka The  Teen-Kings aka The Delights (1) 



    Personnel :

    James Keith

    Levester "Buster" Lockman

    Tommy Keith

    Ron Brown


    Discography :

    The Delrays
    1958 - Our Love is True / One Kiss, A Smile And A Dream (Cord 1101)

    The Teen-Kings
    1958 - That's A Teenage Love / Tell Me If You Know (Bee 1115)

    The Delights (1)
    1961 - My one Desire / Please take my love (Nite 201 / Nite 1034)

    The De-Lites
    1965 - Lover / Tell Me Why (Cuppy 101)

    Biography :

    Guitarist, producer and singer-songwriter Tommy Keith was a member of The Delrays along with Ron Brown, James Keith, and Levester “Buster” Lockman.  They released “Our Love is True” backed with “One Kiss, a Smile and a Dream” in 1958. 


    The Delrays became The The Teen-Kings and issued  “Tell Me if You Know” / ”That’s a Teenage Love” in 1959.  They changed their name again to The Delights and gave the world “My One Desire”/“Please Take My Love” in 1961 and “Lover”/”Tell Me Why” in 1965 as the De-Lites.

    Tommy Keith went on to join Brothers of Love and they released a handful of singles in the late ‘60s/early ‘70

    Songs :

    The DelRays

    One Kiss, A Smile And A Dream                  Our Love is True


    The Teen-Kings   

    That's A Teenage Love                          Tell Me If You Know

    The Delights (1)

    My one Desire                             Please take my love

    The De-Lites

    Tell Me Why                                        Lover

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