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The Enchanters (2) | 03 décembre 2009

The Enchanters (2) ( Detroit, Michigan)


Alton "Bart" Hollowell (Lead Vocals)

Gerald Hollowell (Tenor)

Ulysses Hollowell (Tenor)

Tommy Wade (Tenor)

Jack Thomas (Baritone).

Discography :

Singles :
1956 - True love gone / Wait a minutes baby(Mercer 992/Coral 61756)
1956 - Spellbound by the Moon / Know it all (Stardust 102)
1957 - There goes (a pretty girl) / Fan me, baby(Coral 61832)
1957 - Mambo santa mambo / Bottle up and go(Coral 61916)
1963 - True love gone / The day(Coral 62373)
1963 - True love gone / There goes (a pretty girl)(Coral 65610)

N/A - One Hand, One Heart (Coral) (Unreleased)
N/A - Whoa Mabel  (Coral) (Unreleased)
N/A - Lovin' And Jivin' (Coral) (Unreleased)

Biography :

The Enchanters who perform "True Love Gone" on Coral records were another of the 1950's gospel groups that made the shift to R&B. As gospel singers they were known as the Hollowell Brothers.  While on tour in 1956 , Duke Ellington discovered the Enchanters in Detroit , Michigan. 

                                                                                  Alton "Bart" Hollowell

Duke was so impressed with them  that he pressed a few of their tunes (True Love Gone / Wait a minutes baby) on the Mercer label and distributed to local DJs. The name of that label was Mercer ( his brother’s name).


A Great R&B  group which included the Hollowell brothers and Tommy Wade, their recordings were never given much air time outside Detroit . During the summer of 1957, Alton "Bart" Hollowell  replaced  Frank Holt in the Falcons.

Songs :

Spellbound by the Moon        Mambo santa mambo        Fan me, baby

True love gone                      Wait a minutes baby

There goes a pretty girl               Whoa Mabel

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