• Billy Gallant & The Roulettes (2)

    The Roulettes (2)  (Manhattan,New-york)
    aka Billy & the Patios

    Personnel :

    Billy Galante (Lead)

    Bobby Galante

    Bobby Wicks

    Victor Points

    Lillie Acosta

    Discography :

    The Roulettes (2)
    1958 - I see a Star / Come on Baby (Champ  102)
    1959 - Hasten Jason / Wouldn't be Going steady (Scepter 1204)

    Billy & The Patios
    1961 - Love Is A Story / You Name It (Lite 9002)

    Billy Gallant
    1961 - Scribbling On The Wall / Thinking Wishing Hoping (Dee Dee 501)
    1961 - Thinking Wishing Hoping / If you'd only be my love (Goldisc G6)

    Biography :



    Songs :

    The Roulettes (2)

    I see a Star                                Come on Baby

    Hasten Jason                                Wouldn't be Going steady


    Billy Gallant

    Scribbling On The Wall                Thinking Wishing Hoping

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    jordan rivera
    Friday 21st August 2015 at 06:27
    billie gallant was not the lead, lillie acosta was. She soon married and was known as Lydia Rivera.I know this becuase shes my grandmother.
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